The Serta Perfect Day Celebration Mattress Set

The Serta Perfect Day Celebration Mattress set is a foray into a higher end product for the company. Serta has been producing mattresses since 1931.

It is a consortium of mattress manufacturers that banded together to increase their market share with one larger brand. It was a good idea in 1931 and today Serta is the second highest selling mattress brand in the country.

Serta has specialized in bedding suited to the hotel industry and to the mid-level consumer market. You can often find Serta mattresses on sale for great discounts and the non-discounted prices are reasonable and fall at the lower end of the price scale for quality mattress sets.

In recent years, Serta has branched into the luxury mattress market. This is in response to consumer demand for thicker mattresses and for the newer foam mattress designs. The Serta Perfect Day Celebration mattress set combines everything consumers look for in one luxury set of bedding.

Old Becomes New

The old style flat, firm mattresses have given way to the pleasantly plump, overstuffed beds of today. Customers that once only wanted a firm mattress that would last for many years now demand tailored designs and soft comfort. The Serta Perfect Day celebration mattress set has it all.

Serta's system of high tech coils is a continuous coil system that focuses the majority of the support in the center third of the mattress where the heaviest weight is distributed by the sleeper. This allows better spinal alignment and support without creating an overly firm or hard surface.

Memory foam is the new wonder material that allows total comfort to anyone who lays on it. The major problem connected to memory foam is the material is not breathable.

Body heat transferred to memory foam in your bed stays right around your body. This can create an overly warm sleeping area especially if you live in a hot climate.

The Serta Perfect Day Celebration mattress set utilized Serta's Kool Komfort memory foam engineered to keep you cool and wick body heat away from your sleeping area. Temperature regulating fabrics also work to provide a breathable mattress set.

The levels of firmness for this mattress are created through exchanging soft pads for firmer materials but the comfort level of the mattress does not change with firmness levels.

The same advance coil system and sturdy edge system that Serta has patented are features of this design no matter which comfort level you choose.

A luxury mattress set must look the part and the Serta Perfect Day Celebration set is clearly placed in the luxury division. The embroidered borders are designer features that add a rich texture to the mattress. The FireBlocker blend of fibers adds a level of safety consumers have come to expect from companies that sell home products.

Serta's best foundation is a triple beam design that is called StabLBase. Steel supports and wood form three layers that provide the strong base for this luxury bedding.

A 20 year warranty by Serta is an indication of the faith this company has in the quality of construction and materials used for the Serta Perfect Day Celebration mattress set.


Serta's foray into the luxury mattress market was successful. From the five zone coil innerspring system to the advanced comfort quilt layer on the top of the mattress, the Serta Perfect Day Celebration mattress set is quality bedding.

Though aimed at the luxury market and priced higher than standard Serta bedding, this mattress set sells near the low end of the luxury bedding market.

Currently you can find this excellent mattress set on sale at many online retail shops. The success of this unit led Serta to venture further into luxury products with a line of celebrity endorsed mattresses.

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