Eve Mattress

Shopping for a mattress is easier said than done. After all, sleeping in the right or wrong bed can either relieve your back pain or aggravate it. But before rushing to buy any mattress, keep in mind the following considerations:

Sleeping Comfortably

We want a bed that is firm but soft enough to let us sleep comfortably. This is why memory foams can do wonders for you including sleeping well. No matter how you position your body while asleep, the mattress will adjust giving you relief from your pressure points. If you are shopping for a bed, check if these features are available.

Other Features to Look for

Many mattresses today are capable of drawing out the moisture and dissipating the heat coming out of your body. For the base, most of the new ones are now sporting anti-slip coating.

Delivery Options    

Buying a mattress these days will usually require delivery from the store to your house. Vendors usually offer free deliveries but there are instances where you have to pay the freight. Some sellers are even gracious enough to pick up the mattress from your home, in case you returned it. Before buying the mattress, confirm if the item can be delivered for free and how much if any.

Cost Saving Tips for Eve Matress

Eve Mattress and pillows are manufactured here in the US but based on the designs of London artists. This means that the quality is up to European and American standards. And normally, the price is around $549 for Twin sized bed and up to $849 King sized ones. But you could receive an interest-free credit ranging from $91.50 up to $141.50 if you qualify for the discount program.

Payment and Delivery Options

Once you selected the kind of foam you like. You only need to provide your address and the mattress gets delivered for free. In case you don’t like the mattress, you could return it to the sender, free of charge.

Sales Discounts and Promo

For the mattresses, Eve is offering a sales discount of $200.  Provided you could enter the code SLEEP200 before you check out. For pillows, the same offer is extended. You could only get a maximum discount of $200 as long as you enter the right code.

It’s good to know that Eve is providing you with several payment options. This includes but not limited to payment via Credit or Debit card, Paypal, or interest-free store credit with the Close Brothers. Eve does provide a guarantee for their mattress.

Returning the Mattress

Pay the total amount of the mattress, and you can spend up to 100 days testing the new bed. If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable sleeping in it, just call Eve to take the mattress back. The good news is they will come to your house and get it without any additional charges.
If you bought the bed using 0% APR financing you have a maximum of 25 nights for testing the new mattress. But once the 25 days lapse you get to start paying the monthly amortization. Take advantage of the discount by downloading the Eve Mattress coupon. You get at least $15 off of a $100 order with coupon code 15OFF100.