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Few subjects receive the number of complaints and kudos as a request for mattress reviews. A good night's sleep is a requirement for everyone and personal preference results in widely varied mattress reviews.

When our grandparents purchased new bedding, mattress choices for the public were limited to soft, medium, firm and extra firm descriptions. Advertisements for bedding focused more on the coil or spring system of the box springs that provide mattress support rather than on the mattress itself.

Mattress quality was often shown in the quality and attractiveness of the fabric cover and the depth of the mattress itself. Today we have a greater understanding of the importance sleep plays in our lives as well as a greater consumer demand for comfort.

Discount outlets specialize in offering mattresses for tight consumer budgets. If you need to furnish a guest room you may not need a high end mattress and box springs for a bed that will be seldom used.

The same well known manufacturers that produce luxury bedding also sell cheaper products which are often branded with a different company name. For these products, the same high quality construction is provided while cost savings are possible by the use of cheaper fabrics and materials.

Mattress reviews for lower cost bedding products recommend buying a mattress in the older style where the support is a standard filler material rather than the pillow top or foam more commonly used in high end products today.

Budget padding of a mattress can provide a long lasting produce that will suit your needs for cheap bedding while also providing quality construction that will last for many years.

When pillow top mattresses were first introduced to the public, they were an instant hit with consumers. The first designs were nothing more than a standard, good quality mattress with an attached "pad" that was 2-3 inches of additional padding.

The pillow top was a looser fill that provided a soft, resilient feel for the user. As the popularity of pillow top mattresses grew, the tops became fuller and thicker and more luxurious in feel.

Foam mattresses in the past were latex foam and were comfortable but provided little support due to the soft foam used. The introduction of Memory Foam as a mattress material was a huge innovation in bedding.

Memory Foam is produced in various densities and the quality of the bedding depends on the density of the foam used. For low budgets, foam mattress pads are available from 1.5 inch budget toppers to 4 inch foam mattress pads that add a pillow like feel to the sleeping experience.

An initial reluctance by major manufacturers to memory foam gave way to the demand for the new product. Currently, popularly priced mattresses by major brands incorporate a layer of memory foam in a multi-layered mattress filling that has replaced the standard old fashioned mattress stuffing.

Once available only in high priced designs, memory foam mattresses are now produced that provide a feeling of luxurious comfort at a price geared toward the majority of the mattress buying pubic. The depth of the foam layer and thread count of the covering material are often featured in advertising.

When you realize many of us spend fully one third of our lives in bed, it's no wonder there is a growing market for luxury mattresses. These are not your budget versions or even the popular lower density foam products.

Luxury mattresses are often hand made from the frame to the filling and feature natural products in the construction. They focus on loft and are often constructed of wool, cotton, horsehair and latex.

Hypoallergenic properties are a major feature in the luxury market. The construction of the filler is also designed to provide wicking action to prevent perspiration and to help control and stabilize body temperature.

Mattress reviews for luxury bedding often focus on solutions to specific problems such as lumbar support or spinal alignment and many carry endorsements from various health or medical entities.

Budget mattresses may be purchased from discount outlets or by finding sales of older designs during annual retail merchant promotions. It is still possible to find a mattress for as little at $100 but that might not be a mattress you would want to use on a regular basis.

The mid-market mattress has a wide price range. For $300 and up you can buy a good quality and comfortable pillow top mattress while the prices on memory foam mattresses vary widely from $500 to several thousand dollars depending on the amount of memory foam used and the density (quality) of the foam product.

The luxury mattress reviews feature prices that begin at about $3000 and can be as high as $50,000 for a Swedish mattress system with dove-tail joints and hand-tied springs. The high priced luxury mattress can take as much as four weeks of full time work to build.

The increase in choices of mattress styles, types and pricing provide you with greater options than ever for getting a good night's sleep. Read carefully the different types of mattress reviews below and pick a mattress that provides the level of support you need and the level of comfort or luxury that suits your budget.

Mattress Categories

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